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Ryan Wirick, director and producer of, "The Need To GROW,” and "Farmacy of Light" is an award-winning filmmaker, film editor, cinematographer, and writer.

Since becoming a father, Ryan has focused on projects that highlight solutions to critical problems in the world, and the people behind those solutions. He Co-Founded Earth Conscious Films with Rob Herring, then Co-Directed/Produced/shot and edited the feature length documentary, The Need To GROW.

In a race against the end of farmable soil, The Need To GROW  follows three individuals (Alicia Serratos, Erik Cutter, and Michael Smith) as they fight for change in the industry of agricultural food production, calling for a revolution. Executive Produced and narrated by Rosario Dawson, The Need To GROW  has won numerous Best Documentary honors in film festivals, and has now been seen in over 170 countries.

Ryan began his career as a journalist, and was recognized with an Orange County Press Club Award. He graduated from Chapman University with an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in English, and a BA in Philosophy. There he received the Tom Massey Award, the John Fowles Award for Creative Writing, and the William James Award in Philosophy.

Today, Ryan is creating a global network of empowering resources through Earth Conscious Life. Herring and Wirick’s new platform promotes regenerative solutions for both human and planetary health. They founded ECL based on the simple truth: our potential as a species is both empowered and bound by the potential of our living biosphere.

Human health = Planet health.

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Erik Cutter, executive producer and managing director of Alegría Fresh is a visionary urban farmer and devout protector of our planet.

Alegría Fresh is a zero-waste, regenerative urban microfarm employing organic soil-based growing systems. Erik is also Founder of the Alegría Farmacy, an integrated carbon neutral food production system designed to grow superior produce anywhere, anytime. Erik has over 35 years experience growing ultra nutrient-rich produce using regenerative organic techniques and is a leading pioneer in developing cost effective growing systems that can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. See www.AlegriaFarmacy.com and www.SoxxBoxx.com.

He has a background in biochemistry and oncology, and possesses a lifelong passion for creating haute cuisine using the finest ingredients, most of which he grows himself. Erik’s mission is to increase adaptability and resilience and combat auto-immune disorders by creating greater awareness of the numerous health benefits of consuming fresh, regenerative organic food. The company’s goals include connecting individuals with where their food comes from and how it should be grown in living soil to optimize microbiome health, influencing positive change in resource management, teaching healthy eating habits, promoting entrepreneurship programs and creating green jobs in urban agriculture.

Erik’s interests include photography, marketing, design and engineering, cooking, and all outdoor activities including camping, trekking, volleyball and skiing. He is constantly scouring the web for information on health-related topics and enjoys teaching those around him how to feel better and create more balance in their lives. Erik takes full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities we have at our fingertips to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. It has been said that his closest friends are tired of hearing, “and it’s really good for you!”.

“Time is our greatest gift. How we use it determines who we are and how we will be remembered.” – Erik Cutter

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