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With malnutrition and chronic disease skyrocketing, a renegade farmer uncovers links between human health and soil health, exposing the critical need to heal soil to produce local, light-filled healing food. Will society align with Nature’s systems and the quantum physics of healing before it’s too late?

Starring RegenOrganic Farmer Erik Cutter (The Need To GROW), Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Valencia Porter, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Biochemist Michael Holecek, Chef Loghan Call, Ade Onaolapo and others, Farmacy of Light reveals breakthroughs in biophotonics that have been suppressed for decades.

Discoveries in the field of Quantum Biology by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho could be the key to strengthening human resilience and fixing our broken health care system. This can only begin by increasing access to nurient-dense healing food…

A quantum leap in healing is literally already here. Will we take it? Will you?

We are all “Avatars”

There are many trillions of cells that make up our body.  Try and think about just one.  That one cell is incredibly busy.  In just the last second, there were over 100,000 chemical reactions (biophotons released) that occurred in this single cell.  Now consider your body as a whole.  The sheer volume of activity happening inside you at any given moment is almost incomprehensible.  With so much biophotonic “light” information being processed all at once, it’s fair to say we are all, “Avatars”, or beings of light.

In Farmacy of Light, we delve deeply into the field of quantum biology, where the, “base of the food chain” is actually light or biophotons.  Since we are all creatures of light, our intention of this film is to illuminate the true science of how our cells communicate and ultimately heal.

The greatest takeaway is, should we provide our body with fresh, diverse light-filled foods we produce from healthy living soil, the body can heal itself and does!

This is a story about human resilience…

Particle element
Some of the highlights in the film include:
Particle element
Biophotons: The Light produced in our cells.
Soil health and its direct connection to human and environmental health and resiliency.
Ancient Egyptians understood we are creatures of light; we are light beings and we “think” with our heart.
Our cells exchange over 100,000 biophotons every second which transport information critical to maintaining human health (homeostasis).
Disease begins with a lack of light. We need to provide light to the body to regain coherence and heal.
All living things function on frequencies and wavelengths. Using our own biophotonic light pathways, we can change the behaviors of life-threatening bacteria, viruses and fungi to prevent and shut down infections.
Biophotons comprise the software that runs all bodily functions and delivers critical information.
Mycorrhizae play super important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry and function as the “internet of the soil.”
Frequency is not the same as information. The carrier wave (frequency) is the radio station, the music is the information. Bacteria are constantly changing every few minutes, they are always in flux.
Correcting disturbances which derail the signals traveling in the medium of light enables the body to heal itself. This is called quantum coherence.
Microbes are our friends, but they need to be in balance to protect us.

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