How We Heal

Farmacy of Light transcends our traditional understanding of how the body communicates and heals.

You may have heard of a concept in nature called  bioluminescence whereby an animal like a jellyfish or firefly emits light. Biophotons fall into a similar realm of bioluminescence. However, the light coming from our bodies is very faint – invisible to the naked eye – and can only be measured with powerful scientific instruments.

Research into biophotons raises some interesting possibilities. Russian scientist  Sergey Mayburov observed a batch of eggs from fish and frogs. He found that biophotons communicate in short, synchronized, quasi-periodic bursts. Previous experiments showed that fish eggs stored in different locations were able to sync their development through the use of biophotons. This idea of non-local communication between systems suggests that the light emitted from our cells may carry information which transcends current mainstream thought about how our biological systems work.

Mayburov likens this form of communication to the way error-correcting software sends binary data over a noisy incoherent channel. The goal in Mayburov’s example is to restore the system to coherent working order and that’s important when you consider the potential for biophotons in the human body. Since all frequency carries information, it makes sense that the coherent energy from this light could organize and influence matter into a more healthy balance.

What does this mean? We know that our cells emit light and that this light is constantly sending and receiving information. We also know that we have at least some ability to affect this light. If this is true then we have access to the control center of our minds and bodies. And if we have access and influence then we have the ability to change ourselves at the most fundamental level by enhancing our “light”.